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Wedding Film (Featurette)

Springs Preserve Wedding Video | Las Vegas, NV

Springs Preserve Wedding Video | Las Vegas Wedding Film (Featurette Wedding Film)

Featurette Wedding Film:  As a Las Vegas wedding cinema team our goal is to deliver outstanding wedding films to all our clients.  A featurette film is a wedding film showing all the emotional and dynamic moments throughout your wedding day in a short film style.  Your wedding featurette film in length can vary from 12-17 minutes.  Many aspects of a wedding featurette film will vary wedding to wedding.  As we want to display the true emotion from laughs to tears of joy.  Some films may include audio from your wedding vows, and also toasts.  This all comes together from the editing process behind the scenes to help with the dynamics of the feeling in each film.  Music may enhance your film and many times is chosen by our editor to carry the tone and feeling from your wedding.  We look forward to hearing more about your wedding day.